Chiropractic Testimonials

"I started Chiropractic care after having tried other treatments for back and neck pain. At first I was skeptical because I didn't know if it would really make a difference. Since I have started my care I have been surprised and very pleased. I am able to sleep at night, have pain relief, have gained back range of motion that I didn't even realize that I lost and overall feel much better. Many believe that you go to the chiropractor and then you stop. You shouldn't stop. He keeps the flow of energy going so your health naturally improves. It's all about the nervous system. I see him once a month and I always will. It's as imperative as exercising and eating healthy. No doubt about it. I would much rather do this than take medications. I like being in control of my faculties. Thanks Doc; I don't know what I would do without you. I would recommend Chiropractic to others because I believe it is best for overall health, not just symptomatic pain relief. As an added benefit…the staff is great!!"

- Jeff K.

"I have always had a very busy lifestyle and am constantly on the go. My job as an EMT and soon to be Paramedic is very stressful; I had recently noticed I have been more tense and getting headaches. Every time I see Dr. Ian for an adjustment, I feel more relaxed and refreshed for the weeks to come. I feel that my health has improved quite a bit. I don't feel like I'm carrying so much weight on my shoulders and I have little to no more headaches. I also feel that my posture has improved."

- Ashley C.

"The office is very clean, and kept up nicely. I remember seeing my name on the board welcoming me as a new patient; I loved it! The staff is very friendly. Dr. Ian is very nice, and helped answer all of my questions with a lot of detail, which I appreciated."

- Danielle G.

"The change in my range of motion is outstanding... Great information comes with perfect adjustments. I'm much happier with myself and my abilities for work and fun."

- Sandy L.

"Overall, I generally feel well. I notice the changes. I feel more confident. If you suffer from chronic stress and tension, give a shout out to Dr. Ian."

- Justin H.

"Not only has our baby Mason had great success with his adjustments in treating his reflux and issues with sleep, but Joe and I have too. We both have very physically demanding jobs and have noticed a big change with regards to our back, neck, and shoulder pain."

- Jessica G.

"After Dr. Ian showed us the X-rays and patiently walked us through the process of understanding them, we could see for ourselves the importance of addressing our issues immediately… In addition to an overall sense of wellness and greater mobility, our bodies adjust much more easily, and the exercises that were so uncomfortable at the beginning actually feel great! Matt's headaches are MUCH less frequent or severe...For the first time in my life, good posture actually feels good, and I can feel the confidence it conveys."

- Rachel W.


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