Auto Accident in Chanhassen MN

Chiropractic Chanhassen MN Auto Accident

Have the icy and snowy road conditions this winter led to an unexpected car accident in Chanhassen MN? It's in your best interest to get checked ASAP by your chiropractor. We're here for you! Take a look at this awesome "What to do if you're in a Car Accident" Safety flyer that we created - we suggest printing it out, reviewing it with all the drivers in your family, and keeping a copy in each car's glove box.

Have you been injured in an auto accident? Contact our office today!

See A Doctor Right Away In Chanhassen MN

After an accident, you should see a doctor if you feel ANY level of pain or discomfort. Since spinal trauma often kicks in months after an accident, it's best to be evaluated even if you feel okay. Your chiropractor is the best person to find serious spinal injuries. They will give you advice on how to monitor symptoms of potential injuries.

If you are making an injury claim after an accident, you need to be able to document that you sought medical treatment within a reasonable period of time (30 days). Don't wait too long or your insurance company may argue that your symptoms were not related to the accident.

We hope you never experience a car accident, but if you do, we've got your back! Please drive safely!


  • Move your car to a safe location out of harm's way.

  • Call for medical help right away if someone is injured.

  • Report the accident to your insurance company ASAP.

  • Exchange information with the other parties involved.

  • Call 911. The police officer will gather the facts.


  • Panic. Remain calm and call for help immediately.

  • Leave the accident scene.

  • Admit fault or blame anyone.

  • Forget to take pictures of the scene (Car, Intersection).

  • Agree to a settlement until you get legal advice.

Hot or Cold?

To understand whether to apply heat or cold, keep in mind the age of your injury. Injuries can be acute/new or chronic/old.

Acute/New Injuries - Whiplash - Spinal Trauma

The first 7-10 days are the acute stage of an injury. During this time, the body suffers from inflammation and a swelling of the damaged tissues, so cold is recommended.

Chronic/Old Injuries

Discomfort in the shoulders, back, and neck that have been problematic for weeks or months do better with heat. Using heat will increase circulation and blood flow, softening the muscles and sedating the over-sensitive nerves.


  • Decreases circulation
  • Fatigues muscules so they can relax
  • Numbs the nerves



  • Increases circulation
  • Softens the muscles
  • Calms the nerves


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